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Decks builders Special Offer

We will build your new deck up to 16 feet wide by 8 feet long in seven working days
or we'll give you your money back.

In order to help you understand how it works, we have inserted questions from people just like you below. If we can further assist you, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your questions will be answered under 48 hours. All answers are posted below.

Question: Does it have to be a 16x8 size?
Answer: No it doesn't have. It can be any size up to 16x8 feet

Question: What shapes are available?
Answer: Rectangular and square shapes in various sizes up to 16x8 feet

Question: My entire deck needs to be replaced do you include the demolition in the seven days?
Answer: Absolutely!

Question: Can we see an example of a deck built under seven days?
Answer: Yes you may. The deck at the bottom section of this page was built in five working days.

Question: What kind of material does this offer include?
Answer: It includes all kinds, from all wood types to composite

Question: Does this offer include hidden fasteners?
Answer: It includes hidden fasteners on a pre-grooved composite only.

Question: Does this offer include elevated decks?
Answer: Yes! roof decks as well.

Question: Help me understand this better. You will design my deck, get all appropriate permits, demolish my existing deck, dig for footings, attach posts, build the rough frame, install decking, railings and stairways under seven days?
Answer: Yes we will! It is way too much but once we start, we stick with it and we finish it on time. If we don't, we'll give you your money back. It's that simple. If your deck does not need a variance because of set backs, in most cases we get the permit on a same day. At the same time, we are talking about the physical part of the work being done in seven working days.

Question: Your offer is too good to be true, do you have references that can verify you have actually build a deck in seven working days?
Answer: No, we don't have references that verify we build a new 16x8 deck in seven days. We have all kinds of references that verify we build a new deck in five working days.

Question: Are you the construction company who won at the "American Top Notch Builders" TV Show? I recognized two of you guys in this web site. My next door neighbor is a carpenter. We are from VA. My husband and I, were invited to watch the show while it was being recorded. The top notch construction companies from all the east coast states were there. Everyone was talking about A.D. Construction from Massachusetts. You were the fastest in the competition. I've seen you guys work live. For ten days straight you kept working around the clock nonstop. If that is you, you are amazing. When will the finals take place? You are one of the four constructions companies at the finals aren't you?
Answer: We are sorry, A.D. Construction, Inc., a corporation registered in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts cannot answer this question.

Question: This question was restricted from posting
Answer: Please be advised, this is not a forum. This web page is designed to demonstrate a special offer and answer all questions regarding this special offer. A.D. Construction, Inc. will not enter to any discussions pertaining to other subjects other than the special offer itself. Questions regarding "American Top Notch Builders" subject will not be answered. We appreciate your full cooperation and we remain grateful.  

Does this offer includes pergolas, planters or benches?
Answer: Planters and benches in a rectangular or square shape yes. Pergolas are possible to built under seven days but we do not guarantee it.

Question: My wall needs to be cut in order to install patio doors is this work included to the seven days?
Answer: There are many factors which do not allow us to include this particular work to the deck building seven working day project. Wires and/or pipes may need to be moved in order to do this. It is possible to do it within the seven days, but we do not guarantee it.


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