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How to remove stains from Granite

Proper sealer applications and finish done correctly, make a maintenance free granite counter. There are products that may darken your granite, because granite is a natural stone. If this occurs, immediately put a solution of laundry chlorine bleach and hot water on the surface. Allow 15 minutes for the solution to work and wipe clean with warm water. Cleaning the granite should be done with a mild natural soap and water. General-purpose products containing ammonia, like Comet, will damage the granite or the sealer. Vinegar, lemon or any kind of acid contained products should not be used, as they can scratch the polish. If the mark is present for a while, or it is deeper and did not disappear with the bleach and water solution, a poultice can be used.

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Poultice can be made from laundry bleach, acetone, or hydrogen peroxide, added to an absorbent material to form a paste the consistency of peanut butter. Absorbent materials are: untreated flour, molding plaster, chalk, baby powder, etc. Commercial poultices are also available.

Step by Step Instructions:
1. Dampen the granite spot with the same liquid you mixed the paste. I always use hydrogen Peroxide (HP) and baby powder, I find it safer than the other two.

2. After the surface is dampen with HP, apply the poultice paste to it about ½" (half an inch) thick and cover the entire stained area.

3. Tape plastic sheeting (saran wrap or similar) over the poultice area. Allow 48 hours for the poultice to absorb the stain.

4. Then dampen the poultice with clean cool water.

5. Remove poultice with a soft tool (wood or plastic spatula) and rinse the area with water.

6. Wipe off water and allow the surface to dry.

7. If the stain has been sitting on the counter too long, a second application may be necessary.

Wash with hot water and a mild soap to help loosen the oil base. Most oil stains will fade away. Olive Oil will stain granite if left on the surface for a while, and an acetone poultice must be used in order to remove this stain. Substitute the hydrogen Peroxide mentioned on the above method with acetone.

Most organic stains are brown/pinkish in color. Usually these stains will fade away without treatment after they have been removed. Foods that contain acids, such fruits, lemons, etc. are considered organic stains. Wash the area with clean water and apply a poultice with a liquid base of hydrogen peroxide in a 6% hair bleaching solution. Most Tobacco stains can be removed in the same manner.  


Extremely harsh acids or abrasives once on the surface can create scratches. If this happens, you should have the granite or stone professionally re-polished and sealed or replaced.

If you are starting to notice water that darkens and spotting, it is time to re-seal the granite counter. Granite counters used in houses should be re-seal every three to five years. Granite counters used for commercial purposes must be re-sealed every year or two.

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