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Unlike us,
most  Construction companies  will give you tips after you paid them thousands of dollars. They basically tell you not to ruin or damage something. “Don’t slam the doors. Don’t close the windows hard. Don’t do this, don’t do that.” Most of their tips are common sense. We are completely different. We give you tips in order to help you save your hard earned money. Our tips are based on answers to people who have submitted a question by clicking the Ask A Pro button. Below, we have posted the  solutions for some of the problems  you may have been experiencing. We hope you find them helpful.

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How to remove stains from Granite. "Homemade Poultice Method"

Depending on the finish and sealer applications (if done properly) granite is pretty match a maintenance free counter. Hot pans may be placed directly on the surface without fear of cracking or marring. There are a few products that may temporarily darken your granite, because granite is a natural stone. When this happens, immediately place a solution of laundry chlorine bleach and hot water on the area. Allow to sit for approximately 15 minutes and wipe clean with warm water. Cleaning should be done with a mild natural soap and water. Learn more


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How to Stop a Leaky Faucet -Fix Faucet

Water leaks will consume between 5 and 10 percent of all residential water consumption. Most of the leakage is due to worn  out  faucet  washers and  faulty toilet tank valves. One drop per second can waste  seven gallons per day. A steady drip will waste 20 gallons per day.

Faucet  leaks are  easy to repair.  Installing a new washer will usually  correct  the leak. I f the faucet begins leaking after  the  washer  is  changed,  it  may  be  necessary ...Learn more

How to stop leaky Roofs -Fix, repair roof
My dear friends,

Keep  in  mind  most leaks are very hard to locate because water can travel alone the rafters from one side to another. In  other  words  the actual  leak can be on the east side of the roof and the drip or leak on the west side. Follow these four simple steps. Who knows may be you’ll get lucky.
Step 1:
Try to find the  exact  location of the leak. This is best done by looking up from  inside the  attic when it's raining. If you are  fortunate to  see the leak,  shove  an ...  Learn more

How to clean hardwood floors- How to sanitize floors

(Pet owners will like this one)

Many people are under the impression wax or oil cleaners do  the best  job on hard  wood floors.  Wrong, very wrong. Wax and oil creates build up. Build up on hardwood floors means  more scratches  will appear on the surface.  After a while, the  floors  look dull  and there  you go  waxing and oiling again... Learn more

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