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You, Me and the Joneses

7 out of 10 Americans refuse to be culturally inferior to the Joneses.
Which one are you?

To all Americans out there and to all of those who read this Article, don't feel shy to admit that you renovated your kitchen, or remodeled your bathroom or even you do thinks around your house because your next door neighbor did it. This act is culturally accepted and socially respected. It is the American pride that leads us all to the American dream.

Everyone used to think the most popular reasons Americans remodel their kitchens and Bathrooms are to either increase home equity, better their living, or because they are interested to more access ability, more functionality, more space, additional comfort and modernization. Well, think again my friends, the above reasons are all a front. Recent research proves that 7 out of 10 Americans do it because they want to keep up with the Joneses simply because they do not want to fill culturally inferior. Even more s

What we used to think from what the reality is are two different things. Americans will spend money to Remodel their Kitchen or Bathroom, because their next door neighbor did. These breaking news were amazingly shocking, a lot of heads are still spinning. Marketers have been doing research for years in order to come up with some very intelligent tactics and techniques, in order to promote all the products involved for the completion of a Kitchen or Bathroom Remodeling. Contractors advertise, Architects and designers look for inspirations and innovating ideas. Everyone was taking the extra mile while the real reason behind remodeling a Kitchen or a Bathroom was not available.

I have to admit, the more I think of it, the more it makes sense. We already know that 7 out 10 Americans will first invite their next door neighbor to see their newly remodel Kitchen or Bathroom. Most experts, probably fairly and rightly so, will assume inviting the next door neighbor over as the very first guest, is an act of keeping up with the joneses because Americans don't want to feel culturally inferior.

Perhaps General Contractors should start giving an excellent deal to one neighbor, hoping that the entire street will want to hire them for their remodeling needs? Don't be surprised if you start to see new commercials with slogans such: "What are you waiting for? Your next door neighbor did it"

It is not a crime to admit that none of us want to be inferior to our neighbors. There are cases when we envy them and we do want to have what they have, only better. Encase you haven't realize it, this is an act of a competitive mind's spontaneous behavior and when it comes to that - no one does it better than the Americans. As long as "the 7" act within reason, I strongly believe that the same 7 indirectly have been, or will be, major contributes to helping the global economy. The possibility of these 7 Americans becoming pioneers and starting new horizons because of their competitive minds is high. It is another way to help the economy and a way of the Amarican dream.

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